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Molecular Hydrogen: managing side-effects of radiation for cancer therapy

Cancer is often treated with radiation, yet the side-effects from radiation can add to the difficulty of managing and treating cancer. Medical studies and scientific research have indicated that consumption of molecular hydrogen and specifically HydrogenWater can provide a better quality-of-life for people who are being treated with radiation, without diminishing the effectiveness of radiation […]

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WomanWater Doesn’t Water Already Contain Hydrogen?

HTWO is a Metabolic Drink with health benefits that are derived from a high concentration of dissolved Molecular Hydrogen. Water is the method (or delivery vehicle) that HTWO uses to deliver its key ingredient – Molecular Hydrogen – that freely floats between these water molecules. Common Question:  Doesn’t Water Already Contain Hydrogen? Answer:  Water does not naturally […]

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Molecular Hydrogen – a new approach to Arthritis

This article is to be informative about the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen in counteracting the symptoms of arthritis. The following clinical studies were conducted by independent research laboratories. These clinical studies suggest that arthritic symptoms can potentially be addressed with a monthly regimen of Hydrogen Water. For the month of November, HTWO is offering free-shipping […]

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header-bg Why Hydrogen & How Can It Benefit Me?

“Hydrogen water?” you ask, “infused with molecular hydrogen? What is that and why would I drink it?” Millions of years ago … our atmosphere was rich with hydrogen, the building block from which everything is made, and our bodies were built to use this hydrogen. Over time, hydrogen has escaped…

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Muscular young man taking breath after his run. African male athlete outdoors with copy space. Male runner relaxing after running exercise.

How Hydrogen Fights Fatigue

When you drink a pouch of HTWO water, molecular hydrogen is absorbed optimally throughout your body, resulting in a renewed youthful vitality and energy. Through clinical studies and personal testimonials, ingestion of molecular hydrogen has been shown to reduce fatigue by improving cellular efficiency, reviving tired muscles…

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park Everyday Benefits of Hydrogen – Part 2

As we read in part 1 of this post, we often can’t control life – our responsibilities and schedules can be overwhelming. We run from meeting to meeting, from work to home, often not making our health and wellness the priority it should be. While not claiming to cure diseases, medical studies have shown that […]

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iStock_000057764962_Large Everyday Benefits of Hydrogen – Part 1

As healthy as we want to be, we often can’t control life – our responsibilities and schedules are often overwhelming. We run from meeting to meeting, from work to home, often not making our health and wellness the priority it should be. Do you ever find yourself … Too tired to play with your kids […]

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runners HTWO & the Amateur Athlete – Part 2

I guess that was the time where I could notice the most difference, when I was drinking it during the ultra-marathon. The reason I’m even considering the 50-mile run is because I felt so good at the end of the last one. It was definitely better than I expected to feel and I felt I had more in the tank that I could have done. I think HTWO played a part in that for sure…

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marathon HTWO & the Amateur Athlete – Part 1

While not claiming to cure any disease, hydrogen water is being used by professional athletes who are seeing tremendous results. Maybe you’re not a professional athlete, but an amateur athlete who’s training for an upcoming event. The good news is that hydrogen water is now available for all of us. Marathons and half-marathons have been […]

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